Review Systems strives to be the leading honest broker, facilitating and navigating case management for its clients.

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Review Systems provides immediate contact with the injured party to identify complaints and update medical history, treatment plans and health providers.

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Review Systems brings value, communication and coordination to your patients through patient and family centered care and care plan development.

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Review Systems provides immediate assessments of case specifics, diagnosis, injury severity and injury relatedness.

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Review Systems provides immediate contact to determine your concerns, medical problems, medical history, current treatment plan and health care team.

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The Care Coordination Experts

Health care. Is there a more complex, controversial or confusing issue that’s more essential to everyday living?

  • When the injury or illness comes – and it will – where do you turn?
  • Who is the best provider or specialist for your particular concern?
  • What does insurance cover?
  • Is any legal action required?
  • What doctors and rehabilitation services are the best for your personal recovery, your client’s or patient’s recovery?

You will have more questions than answers. You need someone to organize and lead your medical campaign. To navigate the complex health care system and find the right health care team, the right services and technology.

At Review Systems, Inc. (RSI), that’s what we do.

Working with clients, families, the medical team and referral sources, RSI develops a medical action plan that is client and patient centered, to identify the most appropriate providers and health care professionals and deliver the highest quality care possible. Our goal is to assist you or your client in the process of healing and obtaining function.

Leveraging our decades of experience in the health care industry, RSI serves as a single point of contact: we obtain immediate assessment of injuries, medical condition and rehabilitation options, then determine the best possible response for automotive, workers’ compensation and other insurance benefit programs.

We are experts in navigating the complicated maze of today’s health care system. See why you need to have RSI on your side, calling the signals for you. We make the process of finding the right health care provider, technology, medical services, health care facilities easier.


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We listen and care. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will formulate an action plan. Navigating the health care system is complex and we are help to help.

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