Review Systems, Inc. (RSI) is a single point contact that incorporates a seamless delivery model by providing a multidisciplinary approach. Our goal is to secure individualized patient center care to achieve the best possible outcome for automotive, workers’ compensation and other reimbursement models.


Review Systems, Inc (RSI) works with it’s referral source, client and family to identify appropriate providers and health care professionals to develop a medical action to assist the client to obtain reasonable, appropriate and necessary care.  RSI is a single point contact incorporation a seamless delivery model by providing a multidisciplinary approach individualized patient center care for the best possible outcome for automotive, worker’s compensation and other insurance benefit programs.

Our focus is to provide an immediate assessment of injury, medical condition and rehabilitation requirements.  We address the unique needs of each injured client building trust one relationship at a time.  Our goal is to establish a baseline and action plan for conditions and provide the claims function, direction and budget.

We are experts in the navigation of the extensive and complex healthcare system.   We have local knowledge, cultural competency and expertise of health care resources to assist in locating appropriate, reasonable and necessary health care services and treatments for the recovery of our clients.

Our understanding of the required documentation for obtaining personal injury protection benefits is extensive.  We will work together with our client, family members in the completion of required documents and documentation to maintain personal injury protection benefits (PIP).  We are experts in providing coordination of benefits to assure seamless coordination of health services and benefits for our client’s care.

RSI provides personalized case management services to expedite the claim for PIP benefits, compliment the health process, identify the health care team according to the unique cultural, financial benefit and health care requirements of the client in accordance with what is reasonable, necessary and appropriate to the client’s needs.


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