Our System


At RSI we provide individualized point of care services that are delivered with insight and proper planning and management of information through the following services:

  • Immediate assessments of case specifics, diagnosis, injury severity and injury relatedness and medical history.
  • Immediate contact with the injured party to identify complaints, medical history, current treatment plans and providers and health professionals.
  • Completion of required paperwork as is necessary, required and appropriate to register a claim.
  • Development in collaboration with the treatment team, client and concerned parties an appropriate treatment plan to address the current needs and establish appropriate treatment and medical services that are reasonable and necessary.
  • Navigation of the extensive and complex health care system.
  • Detailed communication and immediate information provided to all related parties in a timely manner.
  • Identification of at risk clients earlier, cover gaps in care, reduce expenses, prevent complaints and avoid unnecessary medical services.
  • Local expertise and knowledge of medical services.
  • Immediate need and detailed communication of medical services and client status and identified barriers to client’s success of recovery.
  • Identification of the appropriate providers and health care professionals as identified through the individual’s health care benefits.  Coordinate individual health care services as defined in the personal health care policy and as related to the accident care plan.


  • Case Management
  • Field case management
  • Telephonic case management
  • Health care services budget development
  • Medical records review
  • Medical records analysis
  • Medical records request
  • Diagnostic service information grids
  • Diagnosis information grids
  • Medication safety and education
  • Plan of action or treatment plan development
  • Health Care Coverage Coordination
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